My Songs

I have been writing songs since I was about 15; as soon as I could play a couple of chords on the guitar.
Here is a list of my songs (in chronological order) that have been recorded with Golden Bough.
Peruse the songs and enjoy over 30 years of songwriting!

Golden Bough

Dandelion Ladies

Upon an Island

The Wizard

Winter's Dance
Christmas Day
in the Morning

The Boatman's

Black Jack Davy

Down by the

Follow Me Down

Riders of the Sea

Flight of Fantasy

All Across the Green

Flight of Fantasy

Magic Mists/
Long Ago, Now

Still, I Love You So

The Toymaker

Winding Road

The Cold,
North Wind

The Spectre

Under the
Forest Moon

The Wizard

Far From Home

Brown Skin Ladies

Calling of the Road


Celtic Lullaby

Deep in My Heart

Beyond the Shadows

Call Me to the Dance        Bicycle of Dreams

Brothers of the Sun          Fond Farewells

If I Had Wings                Lovely Molly

     The Night Wind             Stand in the Light

Kids at Heart

Little Lizzie

Rain and Thunder

Wee Jack

Christmas in a
Celtic Land

Another Christmas Morning

Christmas Bells

Bring Us a Bowl

Dear Joseph

Singles (45s)
The Beans and Bag, Whistle Rag / Venezuela

Modern Plastic /
 Hole in the Sky

Aisling of Eire
(accompanying CD)

A Song of the Celts

I have also written music and songs for other projects, including;

The music for lyrics to four songs by  Mercedes Lackey for the recordings;
Heralds, Harpers & Havoc and Lovers, Lore and Loss released by Firebird Arts.

Two instrumental pieces (Los Zapatos de mi Abuelo and Rendose con el Sol) and one song (Playa de las Niñas)
for a recording by Latin artist, Pablo Carcamo, for his "Caribbean Tropical Dance Party", released by ARC Music.

I have also been commissioned to write songs for private parties over the years,
some of which may one day show up on a Golden Bough recording.  

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