From the Golden Bough recording,
Far From Home,
recorded at Lamplight Music Studios in
Hamburg, Germany and first released
the ARC Music label in 1987.
(Far From Home is no longer available.
However,  we can burn you a copy if you contact us.)

Brown Skin Ladies
1987 - 2004 by Paul Espinoza,
Forest Moon Music, BMI, all rights reserved

- chorus -
Farewell you brown skin ladies, all on the black sand shore,
Farewell to your nights of dreaming, I'll not share them no more,
Farewell to your old plantation, where I spent many's the day,
Farewell my lovely island, for now I'm bound away.

- 1 -
I came upon this island, a lad of eighteen years,
I came to work the summer fields and leave my youthful tears.
I came to be among the people living by the sea,
I came a lad, but I didn't guess the man that I would leave.

- 2 -
Anticipating faces, from far away we came,
To seek the freedom of the isles, never be the same.
We found more than a paradise of laughing in the sun
And some relearned the melody of the island song.

- 3 -
We played under a crimson sky and danced among the waves,
Talking through the summer nights and laughing through the days.
Ten weeks of labor in the fields to reap the summer gold,
And learn the ways of the islanders that were there in days of old.

- 4 -
With eyes as dark as midnight and skin as soft as dawn,
Hair that shone like black coral and a smile for everyone.
We heard the tales of life before the missionary came,
The days of peace and innocence that can never be the same.

- 5 -
But home was calling to us and soon we had to go,
And leave behind the island life that we had come to know.
But none of us will e'er forget the wonder that was there,
And on a day I will return to breath the island air.


1998 - 2004

by Golden Bough, Inc.