1988 - 1993

Line-up: Paul Espinoza, Margie Butler, Florie Brown

After Lief left to form his own group, Margie, Paul & Florie continued recording and touring.
It was during this period that they had some of their most successful European tours.  This was due
to their collaboration with the European record label, ARC Music.  The record label formed a tour agency
and sent the trio all over Europe, performing in theaters, festivals and concert halls.

trio Florie2.jpg (38838 bytes)
A promo shot by Irene Young from
 the late 1980's

Labadouxjpg.jpg (100727 bytes)
Performing at The
Labadoux Festival  in Belgium

fries2.jpg (69669 bytes)
A newspaper photo taken in front of a local French fry stand (also in Belgium).

During these years, Golden Bough was involved with several different activities in Europe.
Among these were three tours with the World Music Ensemble during 1991, 1992 & 1993.
 The line-up consisted of Margie, Paul & Florie on  vocals, harp, guitar, accordion, violin, penny-whistle and mandolin.
They were joined by world class musicians, each an incredible performer in his own right.  Hossam Ramsey, from Egypt, played dumbek and percussion.
He is a world renown percussionist who has toured and recorded with Peter Gabriel and Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, among others.
Enrique Ugarte, from Spain, is a rare master of the accordion as well as a classical conductor and composer.
Flavio Cucchi, a well-known and popular classical guitarist  from Italy; Kalman Balog a gypsy from Hungary who is a master of the cymbalon
and  Pablo Carcamo, from Chile, multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer.

PaFlaEnPab.jpg (74479 bytes)
Paul with Flavio, Enrique & Pablo,
from The World Music Ensemble

WME 2.jpg (74666 bytes)

Enrique, Kalman, Margie, Pablo, Paul
& Hossam

FFH.jpg (125895 bytes)

The promo shot taken from the cover photo of "Far From Home".

Having fun on stage in
Bordesholm, Germany,
one of the group's
favorite places to perform!

Bordesholm.jpg (75773 bytes)
promo w Florie 2.jpg (91183 bytes)

A promo shot from 1989, from the "Best of Golden Bough"  cover.

Special Project - Peace Concerts for Bosnia

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