From the Golden Bough recording,
Beyond the Shadows,
recorded at ARC Music Studios in
Hamburg, Germany and first released
the ARC Music label in 1989.
(Beyond the Shadows is no longer available.
However,  we can burn you a copy if you contact us.)

If I Had Wings
1989 - 2004 by Paul Espinoza,
Forest Moon Music, BMI, all rights reserved

- 1 -
If I had wings to fly up to the mountains,
If I had wings to fly up to the sky,
If I had wings on my feet,
Then I wouldn't have a reason 
Just to sit and watch the world go by.

- chorus -
Sing for the love of life and all its giving,
Sing for the love of the stars in the sky.
Sing for the seas and the winds,
And the murmur of the river as it goes drifting slowly by. 

- 2 -
If I could swim below the deepest ocean,
If I could swim the waters of the deep blue sea,
If I could swim in a dream
With the singing of the dolphins
And the gentle waves caressing me.

- 3 -
See planet earth from high above a rainbow,
See planet earth from a distant sun,
See planet earth as a garden free from tyrants,
Not a prison, but a safe home for everyone.


1998 - 2004

by Golden Bough, Inc.