From the Golden Bough recording,
Beyond the Shadows,
recorded at ARC Music Studios in
Hamburg, Germany and first released
the ARC Music label in 1989.
(Beyond the Shadows is no longer available.
However,  we can burn you a copy if you contact us.)

Stand in the Light
1989 - 2004 by Paul Espinoza,
Forest Moon Music, BMI, all rights reserved

- chorus -
Stand in the light of the morning,
Awake to the light of a brand new day,
Stand in the light of the morning,
The night has flown away.

- 1 -
When you feel the morning sun come breaking at your window,
Know a new day has begun and lifted nighttime's shadow.

- 2 -
Draw aside the veil of sleep, enchantress of the night,
Blossoms of the morning world unfold into the sunlight.

- 3 -
Every sudden thunder storm is certain to pass you by,
It moves along to leave the sun shining in the blue sky.

- 4 -
The freshness of a brand new day, promises of knowing,
Take the next step on your way to reap what you are sowing.

1998 - 2004

by Golden Bough, Inc.