From the Golden Bough recording,
Beyond the Shadows,
recorded at ARC Music Studios in
Hamburg, Germany and first released
the ARC Music label in 1989.
(Beyond the Shadows is no longer available.
However,  we can burn you a copy if you contact us.)

The Nightwind
ds: Margie Butler  & Paul Espinoza
music: Paul Espinoza
1989 - 2004 by Paul Espinoza,
Forest Moon Music, BMI, all rights reserved

- chorus -
Riding on the wind, drinking deep its breath,
Feel the breeze descend, soft the touch of death.

- 1 -
If you trust in gentle movements,
Lighter than the evening breeze,
Soaring over windswept mountains,
Out across the rolling seas.

Everywhere are children dreaming,
Wondering if they be alone.
Take to wing and with the evening,
We will start to roam,
Find our way back home.

- 2 -
Every word of spoken madness,
Falls upon some trusting ear,
Turning life into some sadness,
Calling forth our ancient fear.

Time will sing its song of changes,
Images come crystal clear,
Holding to their infant visions,
Children bring the future near,
Teach the deaf to hear.

- Bridge -
Are you ready to fly?
Do you seek the waves of the sky?
Has your heart the courage to try?
Can you feel the wind on your face?
Can you feel the warmth of this place?
Is your heart ready for the embrace of the night wind?

1998 - 2004

by Golden Bough, Inc.