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For 40 years, Golden Bough has been bringing their music into elementary schools, offering students the opportunity
to enjoy the wealth of folk music from Ireland, America and around the world.  Following their introductory assembly,
where the children are acquainted with the group's collection of musical instruments and are given a basic understanding of folk music,
Golden Bough often returns to present a follow -up program.  Golden Bough is also available for concert performances at
Children's & family festivals and in concert.  Their program can be tailored to the particular event.

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From Ireland to America

International Folk Music

American Folk Music

Holiday (Christmas & Hanukkah)


"A wonderful combination of enjoyable music, audience participation and education."

"Golden Bough has a range of talent that seems uncommon among performers - let alone performers who are available to schools."

"All of our students, including special education, Sheltered English and kindergarten, thoroughly enjoyed the performances.
The players were knowledgeable on the music and gave wonderful background information on each instrument."

"I know how difficult it is to keep the attention of 300 students during a 45 minute performance, but that wasn't a problem as
the children not only enjoyed learning about the different musical instruments, they had a lot of fun singing and clapping along."

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