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"Music in the Schools" Program

Holiday (Christmas & Hanukkah)


Golden Bough re-introduces their variety of instruments from previous assemblies (Celtic harp, penny-whistle, recorder, accordion, violin), as students get to hear (and join in on) a variety of carols from Celtic lands and elsewhere. The selection of songs covers holiday themes (Christmas, Hanukkah), as well as themes for the Winter season and the Yuletide solstice. The students will be fascinated by rare carols from Ireland and Scotland and the explanations of how the holidays are celebrated in these lands. For example, students will hear about the origin of the mistletoe as a holiday image and what it meant to the early Celtic people. These songs and explanations will give the students a brief glimpse at the Winter celebrations from the Celtic lands. Included in the program are also songs for Hanukkah, as well as a few recognizable songs, certain to get the students singing-along.


    * To expose students to carols and Winter songs from the Celtic lands and to allow them to hear Golden Bough's unique line-up of
         acoustic instruments; instruments and music they may otherwise not see or hear.
    * To introduce new and different carols for the Winter season and show how these songs reflect the times and places from which they come.
    * To show students that in times past, the holidays were celebrated in songs and story, before the tradition of gift giving became the main focus.
    * To involve the students in singing songs that celebrate the turning of the season.

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