Golden Bough's

"Music in the Schools" Program

American Folk Music


    Performing such standards as "This Land is Your Land", "The Erie Canal" & "Freight Train", as well as lesser-known American folk songs,
    Golden Bough takes the students on a musical journey across the United States. With these great American classics, students are easily
    persuaded to sing along. The emphasis on the program is the modes of transportation used by early settlers, and how the songs, both lyrically
    and rhythmically, reflected a particular mode of transportation. Ending up with the immigration to California (The Gold Rush, The Dust Bowl),
    Golden Bough brings the attention of the students to their own great state.


    * To show students how folk songs reflect the actual events of the day.
    * To expose students to the great wealth of traditional folk music from America.
    * To encourage students to further investigate the folk music and traditions of America and what brought their family to California.
    * To help students realize that America is their country and that they can take an active role in preserving it’s beauty for future generations.

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