The Magic of the Celtic Harp, vol. II,
Lure of the Sea-Maiden

"It is unbelievably refreshing ... this CD is real pure, all played so well on simple, likely, acceptable folk instruments!!
I think the record is very good, like a breath of fresh air, very, very welcome. I very much hope it has much success,
and that having it, and its predecessor, "out there" will greatly expand the work of the Golden Bough!" Derek Bell of The Chieftains

Included on this new CD are traditional pieces from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall,
The Isle of Man, Brittany and Galicia, plus 3 of Margie's own compositions.

Audio clips, mp3 & real audio:
The Window Pane - mp3  /  The Window Pane - ra
The Lure of the Fairy Hill - mp3  /  The Lure of the Fairy Hill - ra

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The Songs:

1.   The Window Pane / The Sweet Nightingale
2.   The Hills of Ireland / The Willow Tree
3.   Turtle Dove / Dance of theWaves
4.   Celia Conallon / Sunday Morning
5.   Swans Among the Rushes
6.   The Lure of the Fairy Hill
7.   Pilib an Cheoil / A Wet December /
         Tarbolton Reel
8.   Sleeps the Noon/We Brought
      the Summer With Us/
      The Song of the White Strand
9.   Lure of the Sea Maiden / The Mermaid
10. Lord Inchiquin
11. Snow Geese
12. Alala das Marinas / An Hini Dilezhet
13. Manannan

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Wire & nylon harps, the harp psaltery and the Scottish "bray-pin" harp are all featured in this latest release from Margie Butler.

Magic of the Celtic Harp, vol 1

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