Celtic Lullaby
A collection of Lullabies from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, The Isle of Man and Brittany,
featuring soothing harp and haunting vocals.

Audio clips, mp3 & Real Audio:
Baloo Balerie - mp3  /  Baloo Balerie - ra
Dereen Day - mp3  /  Dereen Day - ra
Gaelic Lullaby - mp3  /  Gaelic Lullaby - ra

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The Songs:

1. Baloo Balerie
2. Lea Rig/Kind Robin
3. Gaelic Cradle Song
4. Suo Gan
5. Morag's Cradle Song
6. Suantrai
7. Dereen Day
8. October Winds
9. Garten Mother's Lullaby
10. To and Fro
11. Lullaby
12. Deep in My Heart
13. Gaelic Lullaby
14. Manx Lullaby
15. The Eagles Whistle

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Lullaby Concert
"Thank you for participating in the Academy's Traditional Arts Program.
Your performance was both educational and entertaining.  The lullabies theme is a success!
The audience obviously enjoyed it a lot"
June Anderson, California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

From a fan
"I am very fond of your Celtic Lullaby tape.  I play it when I give shots at my clinic.
Not for the children, but for myself.  I think if I stay calm, it will help them." 
Laura Almada, AZ

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