Golden Bough's

"Music in the Schools" Program

Irish Folk Music


    Golden Bough presents an in depth program of the traditional music and culture of Ireland. With a strong emphasis on various Irish dance
    rhythms, such as jigs, reels and hornpipes, the band performs pieces featuring the accordion, fiddle, harp, penny-whistle and bodhran
    (pronounced bo-rahn, an Irish hand drum). Irish dancing, important to the Irish culture and of a unique style all it's own, is also demonstrated.
    The social structure in old Ireland was built around family and community gatherings for music, dance and song. Before formal education,
    teaching was often done orally through songs and stories. An example of this is when Margie explains how the harp was very important to the
    culture of Ireland; how the harper brought the news of the day and taught the history through music and song. Acapella singing, as well as group
    singing, was also an important aspect of the Irish music and students will be invited to sing along. This program is filled with plenty of sing-alongs
    and hand-clapping, toe-tapping fun.


    * To give students a deeper understanding of the music and culture of Ireland.
    * To expose students to the variety of Irish songs and dance music.
    * To teach students about the importance of music and song to the family and community structure of Ireland.

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