Golden Bough's

"Music in the Schools" Program

International Folk Music


    From Czechoslovakia to China, from Bulgaria to Mexico, Golden Bough takes students on a musical journey around the world, touching on a
    diversity of ethnic music from various countries. The different rhythms, languages and melodic lines of various folk traditions are demonstrated.
    Golden Bough also demonstrates how the same or similar instruments are used throughout the world. For example; the harp, accordion and
    violin are used in Irish, European and Mexican folk music! Explaining that there are far too many countries in the World to visit them all,
    Golden Bough does touch on Europe, the Balkans, Asia, South America and Mexico. (Schools may request that a particular country or
    continent be represented, but must contact Golden Bough well in advance.)


    * To demonstrate the similarities and differences between various folk cultures.
    * To encourage students to investigate the folk music and traditions of their own heritage.
    * To help students to realize that we all share the same world.
    * The importance of tolerance of other cultures and pride in one’s own.

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