Photos from concert performances and on tour with Golden Bough in 2003.
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Sunnyvale Community Theatre Celtic Folk meets Celtic Rock with Tempest Vacaville Celtic Festival Las Vegas Highland Games Jamming with The Wicked Tinkers;
The Long Beach Celtic Festival.
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The Dunsmuir Highland Games. With local dancers;
Lacey, WA
gotta do it!
Playing pirate with
The Tinkers; Enumclaw, WA
Enjoying a day on the Sound
on The Golden Bough  in WA.
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At The Redondo Pier,
Redondo Beach, CA
The Mancini Bowl
in Modesto, CA
The Redlands Bowl While performing at The Millpond Festival in Bishop, CA, 
we had the opportunity to meet and jam with Arlo Guthrie.
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We begin our marathon Fall tour! Enjoying the harvest in
The Bradley's garden in Elkton.
A tour of The Pendleton, Oregon Underground.
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Our first night in Wyoming. The famous plastic chicken, Sunflower School, Gillette. The Dancing Bear Folk Center, Thermopolis. Our gracious hostess
in Thermopolis
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Looking for bison and generally goofing around. The Dinosaur Museum Feeling refreshed after
a lounge in the hot springs
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Friendly Folk Wagonwheel School Old pros with
the snow shovel
CamPlex in Gillette, WY. Backstage in Casper
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Casper, Wyoming School & WYO Theatre, Sheridan, Wyoming Hobson. Montana
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The Clary Ranch - OL brand Havre, MT
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Fort Benton. MT Seeley Lake, MT
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The Road Home Parting Shots
Christmas 2003 with Golden Bough
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Our annual
Christmas Eve Concert at
The Old 1st Church in
San Francisco.

Sonora Christmas Crafts & Music festival with some of our pals. Florie joined us in Stockton.
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Christmas in The Gold Country in Sutter Creek. Rockin' the Central Valley in Merced.

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