Line-up: Paul Espinoza, Margie Butler, Kathy Sierra

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An early morning in Canada. Hang on to that cup, Kathy! The Golden Bough Stage at
The Calaveras Celtic Festival
Paul rocks with The Wicked Tinkers at Calaveras Celtic. The Rain Forest,
Eastern Washington
Zion National Park,Tanner Amphitheatre
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Benefit concert for
The Montessori
School of Pacifica.
At the Mayfair in
Placerville, CA.
Norway Days. Norway Days,
with Nancy Thym.
The British Isles
Festival in Ohio
A TV spot in Lexington, KY.
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Back stage at The Road
to the Isles concert.
Fiddling around;
Road to the Isles concert.
With The Browne Sisters at
The Road to the Isles concert.
Sunflowers in Switzerland Margie with a
Swiss friend.
The real reason we went
to Switzerland!
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The Grand Canyon of
Switzerland, in the Alps.
Hanging out with George Washington in Boston. With our East Coast agent, Joanne Mercier, at the
original Cheers in Boston.
Margie & Kathy
find a replacement
for Paul at Cheers.
Christmas concert in
Fair Oaks, CA
Christmas concert
in Stockton, CA

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