Line-up: Paul Espinoza, Margie Butler, Kathy Sierra

At the beginning of 2001 Golden Bough was joined by a fiddle player with lots of fire, musically and personality-wise!
Contributing original compositions and tight harmony vocals, Kathy brings fresh excitement and energy to the band.

Harpcon.jpg (45603 bytes) PageAZ.jpg (67523 bytes) Lick.jpg (66970 bytes) Hitchhiker.jpg (99533 bytes) Reaction.jpg (110607 bytes)
The Harpcon in Monterey, CA. With All-Ireland champion,
Valerie Deam in Page, AZ.
Lick Observatory, 
Mt. Hamilton, CA
The true story of
how we found Kathy.
Kathy's reaction to joining
Golden Bough.

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TuningUp.jpg (77118 bytes)

Serious.jpg (67930 bytes)

Concord.jpg (98090 bytes) Athena.jpg (95999 bytes)

With special guest, John Land
at the Pacifica show.

Margie tunes up for
the show in Pacifica.

A serious musician,
with a serious instrument!

Concert in the Park,
Concord, CA.

Improvising a stage
backdrop in Athena, OR.

MoodHarp.jpg (51083 bytes) Festival.jpg (96464 bytes) Folklife.jpg (119942 bytes) GettingDown.jpg (85687 bytes) Tahoe.jpg (108252 bytes)
A mood shot, with harp. Rhode Island Celtic Festival
in Newport, RI.
Folklife in Yakima, WA. Having fun in Portland, OR. Tahoe Tallac Concert Series
in South Lake Tahoe, CA.
TwainHarte.jpg (97346 bytes) WhidbyIsland.jpg (47437 bytes) OntheGB.jpg (91087 bytes) Skandifest 1.jpg (128003 bytes) Mariposa.jpg (112649 bytes)
Twain Harte, CA outdoor
concert in the park.
On stage on Whidby Island, WA. On "The Golden Bough"! Showing off new duds at The Skandifest In Concert, Mariposa, CA
Christmas '01 A.jpg (112468 bytes) Brea.jpg (70255 bytes) McGrath 1.jpg (85494 bytes) Old First 2.jpg (129354 bytes) Old First.jpg (74124 bytes)
The scenic drive from
Reno back home
Christmas Show at Curtis Theatre, Brea, CA. With The McGrath Irish Dancers The Old First Church in San Francisco
on Christmas Eve.

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