1982 - 1987

Line-up: Paul Espinoza, Margie Butler, Lief Sorbye, Florie Brown

Margie, Paul and Lief started off 1982 as a trio, with another tour of Europe.  They were joined later in the year by Florie Brown,
 who actually stepped in to substitute for Lief at the Squaw Valley Festival
At the end of 1982, Golden Bough started work on "The Boatman's Daughter", which was released early in 1983. 

Golden Bough
became a trio  in 1982...

Boatman.JPG (87154 bytes)

... but became a  quartet once again
late in 1982!
(photo by
  Helen  Eagan)

Christmas 1.jpg (65503 bytes)
Original cover photo
Winter's Dance
(photo by Irene Young)

with_Lief_2.JPG (59777 bytes)

In 1984, Golden Bough released their third recording, "Flight of Fantasy".  This was a unique
album, in that it contained all original compositions.  Both Lief and Paul contributed songs to this
collection, with Margie penning her first instrumental piece. The following year, one of the first
collections of Celtic music for Christmas and winter was released, 'Winter's Dance".
This remains one of the group's most requested albums.

Eleanor_Rigby.JPG (41943 bytes)
"Eleanor Rigby", Liverpool, England

Kings-mt.jpg (63473 bytes)
Busking in the woods at
The Kings Mt. Arts Fair, Woodside, CA

plough_stars.jpg (47334 bytes)
The Plough & Stars Irish Pub
in San Francisco

with_MP.jpg (57356 bytes)

During The Belfast International Festival, Margie & Florie pose with Michael Palin, The President of the Guinness Brewery and Jane Casidy (Irish folk singer)
A promo shot from 1986. Florie took a brief hiatus, while Margie, Paul and Lief kept Golden Bough branching out.

promo_w_Lief.jpg (65897 bytes)

quartet_1982.jpg (57725 bytes)
A promo shot from 1982.

Pig_out.jpg (63904 bytes)
A backyard barbecue.

Holland.jpg (58171 bytes)
A theatre in Holland

Nostradamus.jpg (56177 bytes)
Frankfurt, Germany.

The end of 1987 was also the end of an era for Golden Bough.  Lief left the group to start his own band,
Celtic rockers "Tempest".  Margie, Paul and Florie continued on as a trio ...

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