1980 - 1981

Paul Espinoza, Margie Butler, Lief Sorbye,
Margot Duxler & Simon Spalding

The original line-up of Golden Bough was formed in late 1979 when Margie, Paul, Lief & Margot spent their afternoons playing for tips
in and around The Cannery on Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.  One afternoon, sitting around the kitchen table in Margot's flat,
the four decided to form a band. The name Golden Bough was agreed upon and that began a 20 year musical adventure that is continuing to this day!

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with M&L 2.jpg (60344 bytes) England.JPG (72815 bytes)
 The 1st official Golden Bough promotional shot, taken at
The Cannery in San Francisco, 1980.
 Late in 1980.  The 1st European Tour.
Margie took this shot.

In late 1980 Lief returned to Norway for a short time.   During his absence,
Golden Bough was joined by Simon Spalding and work on the first Golden Bough recording
(simply titled "Golden Bough") was begun. The recording was finished later in 1981
when Lief returned and added some last minute mandola licks to round out the sound.

The quartet soon became a quintet (1981) ... quintet 2.JPG (65263 bytes)   ...  which became
      a quartet
       (1981 - 82)  
France.JPG (51941 bytes)
(Busking in France)
Quintet.JPG (67310 bytes) MPLSimon.JPG (88637 bytes)

After playing with Golden Bough for two years and having performed with Paul and Margie
for a couple of years before that, Margot could no longer tour.  Her studies kept her in San Francisco,
where she eventually earned a doctorate!  However, Margot has remained a close member
of the Golden Bough family and one never knows when she'll make a guest appearance.

                                                                with Simon.jpg (89342 bytes)            Dancers 2.jpg (73709 bytes)             with M&L 1.jpg (70729 bytes)
                                                                A brief period as a                   Margie & Margot                     The 1st quartet.
                                                                                       trio with Simon.                         steppin' it up.

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