Margie is now representing Triplett Harps.

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Other harps than the ones featured are also available. Contact Margie for more information.

Triplett Harps has been designing and building high quality musical instruments since 1980.
All of their harps are designed with consideration for tonal excellence, graceful lines, and fine workmanship.
They feature a wide range of sizes and styles to accommodate the needs of beginning and advanced harpists.

Triplett Harps set high standards for quality of lumber used to manufacture our harps.
They have well developed sources that supply us with premium grade hardwoods and softwoods. They use only
the finest sitka spruce, which is grown in the Pacific Northwest and supplied by a mill that specializes in soundboard materials
for the music industry. The hardwoods are grown all over the world and special ordered to our specifications.
All Triplett harps are made with your choice of woods: maple, walnut, cherry, and bubinga.

Triplett Harps is known for their innovative harp designs and artistic enhancements along with their dedication to quality.
They have one of the best warranties in the industry and a proven track record with thousands of harps produced and
still being played since their inception. They offer Triplett accessories which include custom fitted cases, wheel assemblies,
strings, a variety of lever options, and their new electro-acoustic technology. All harps come with a 7-year warranty.

Their thirty-plus years of experience and modern facilities give them the design and production capabilities
to transcend the traditional limitations of the instrument. Their goal is not to produce historically accurate replicas,
but to further the evolution of the contemporary lever harp.

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Harp Lessons
Are you interested in learning to play the harp?  Margie teaches both nylon and wire harp techniques.
Margie teaches out of her studio in Modesto, CA. However, since Golden Bough does travel to different areas,
contact Margie to see if she may be able to arrange a lesson or two in your area whenever she is on tour there.
Contact Margie at or at (209) 572-1715.

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